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Activities For Care Homes | games for the elderly

Welcome to Activities For Care Homes

a subsidiary of Activity Professionals, providing activities within care homes since 1997.

This site will be committed to providing equipment that is realistically usable, having been tried and tested within many care homes for the elderly and those with learning difficulties. 

The benefits of group activities within care homes:-

Latest research estimates that genetics are responsible for only one third of our brain’s health and memory ability.  Brain fitness habits (brain exercises), as well as lifestyle and nutrition, dictate the other two-thirds.  If we pay attention, we can in most instances, gain control over the speed at which our brains age……

Providing a social environment:-

For many elderly people, their sense of well-being depends on their ability and opportunity so socialise.  Replacing lost friendships with new is crucial.  Group activities, by means of game playing is the best way to encourage laughter, chatter and the sharing of experiences.

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